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Black Friday Sale


Has Coach Rob Lost His Mind?


Why I Will Pay You

$350 … $420… or Even $490 to Join

CrossFit West Houston


You read that right: I’ll pay you as much as $490 if you immediately sign up with CrossFit West Houston today!


That’s almost $500 staring right at you. All you have to do is decide whether you want it or not.


But don’t worry if you decide — I’m still going to make sure you get in the best shape of your life in 2023.


“Wait — how does that make sense?” you ask — “I thought I was canceling…”


Right here, right now, you can grab one or more of CrossFit West Houston Black Friday Special deals, and when you do, I’ll be happy to pay you even more!


That’s preposterous, I know … you cancel your membership, but you get paid $490 — or more — and you still get in the best shape of your life in the upcoming year.


Preposterous, yes, but quickly take a look at what I have for you here, and I’ll explain how you can walk away with the deal of the year.


It’s an opportunity that’s available for 4 days — Black Friday to Cyber Monday


A Hushed and Private Invitation



CFWH’s members are made up of the most incredible people in Spring Branch — an inner circle of the finest, most giving people I’ve ever met — and that’s why I want you to join us. Only readers of this newsletter are receiving this offer.


It’s not open to the public, and if anyone happens to find this offer on this page and is not a newsletter subscriber, they will be turned away.


That’s because I’m making this offer available only to our active readers like yourself, and only for 4 days …


… and for that reason, I respectfully ask that you do not forward this offer to anyone who is not a member.


Moreover, I’m only making this available to newsletter subscribers. That means each offer I have for you today is limited to just 5 people.


It’s not that we’re being snooty or unfair. It’s just that I have to limit the offers I’m presenting because I simply can’t do this for everyone — or indefinitely.


That’s why I’ve picked you — to give those most interested the opportunity to cash in on some major savings.


And that’s why there’s …


Two Unbreachable Limits Placed

On This Black Friday Offer


I told you about the newsletter limit. But there’s also the time limit.


This offer is good for2 days only — Now to Black Friday — and will not be available even one day later.


That means this invitation expires immediately at 5PM, Friday, November 25th, 2022.


I fully expect the 5 memberships to be snatched up in the first few moments of , so please don’t make the mistake of waiting to take advantage of this opportunity.


How and Why I’ll Pay You

$350… $420… or Even $490 this Year



… and take me up on one of my annual Paid In Full membership offers (a monthly payment option is available with a $3 per month service charge)


… you’ll instantly save that will help you have your best fitness year ever in 2023!


Here’s what is available:


Limited to 5 memberships! (choose your membership level)


  • $1,785 Unlimited membership (1/1/2023 to 12/31/2023) + December 2022 for just $1 13 months of fitness
    • $490 savings
    • Pay $1786 up front or 13 payments of $140.38
  • $1,530 12x membership (1/1/2023 to 12/31/2023) + December 2022 for just $1 13 months of fitness
    • $420 savings
    • Pay $1,530 up front or 13 payments of $120.77
  • $1,275 8x month membership (1/1/2023 to 12/31/2023) + December 2022 for just $1 13 months of fitness
    • $350 savings
    • Pay $1,275 up front or 13 payments of $101.15


  • Just to clarify this is not 5 memberships at each level, this is 5 memberships only First Come First Serve


There you have it: The best deals of the year, just waiting on a few savvy members who know a golden opportunity when they see it.


I’m hoping you are one of those.


But you’ve got to hurry!


You can only take advantage of this one day — and 2 days only — Now to Black Friday!


I hope you get in.


To get these deals, you must email her at rob@crossfitwesthouston.com ASAP:

  • Put Black Friday in the subject line
  • Let me know which membership level
  • Provide me a phone number and a good time to call to get payment information over the phone
  • Remember, I’m only giving away 5 of each of these offers.


To your success,


Coach Rob

COPYRIGHT © CrossFit West Houston 2019. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.