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Trust the Programming, Trust the Coaching

By Matt Spaid | In Announcements, Coach's Blog | on March 27, 2016

One of the many benefits of going to a CrossFit gym is that you have a trained coach, usually with multiple years of experience, developing the class programming. You don’t have to worry about going to the gym and not being sure of what to do, like so many people tend to do in the globo gyms. You also have the added benefit of having a coach to help guide you through the workout, help you with your body mechanics so you are performing the lift correctly, and can provide help for you with a variety of topics in order to achieve your fitness goals.

The key thing is that you need to trust the workout programming, and trust the coach.

It can take time to develop this trust, and that’s important. If you have your doubts, don’t be afraid to ask about the programming or some of the coach’s background/expertise. After all, it’s your workout; the coach should be able to suit the programming to fit your needs to help you get stronger, faster, and overall better without injuries.

A good coach is never done learning, and shouldn’t fear change. I tend to shy away from the “know it alls” in the fitness world, because this is a constant evolving business and you can never know everything. If someone asks me a question about something, and I don’t know the answer, it is no blow to my ego to say, “I’m not sure, but I’ll do some research and get back to you on that”.

Here are some excerpts from a Strength Coach Checklist from the guys at Westside Barbell, one of the top powerlifting gyms in the world. In my opinion, this applies to all coaches, not just strength coaches.

·  Do they empower rather than overpower?

·  Are they still learning & training?

·  Do they put athletes first?

·  Have they made the best even better?

·  Do they read?

And, one of the most important ones that also coincides with this article,

·  Do you 110% trust them with your future?


Now, with this in mind, where do we go from here?. It’s very simple. Trust your coach, trust the programming, commit to the programming, and you will get results you desire.

If you deviate from the programming, you won’t get the right results. Now, I’m not saying don’t put in some extra work at the gym. CrossFit classes are designed for general fitness, and you will improve in many different ways from simply doing the regular classes; especially since there is accessory work often added in. But, if you have a specific goal in mind, talk to a coach and figure out some good programming you could add if you wanting to get a bit more.

If you find something new you want to try out, discuss it with a coach and make sure it is something that will suit your needs. You must stay committed though. Again, trust the programming and the coach. If you’re not sure about something, ask. You should trust them. After all, it’s your workout. We’re here for you.

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