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Coach's Blog

Looking Ahead, Welcome 2013

By Rob | In Coach's Blog | on January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! It’s going to be a great year at CrossFit West Houston! We have lots of exciting things in store for you! Evolve to the strongest and healthiest you ever in 2013! Below are highlights of what we have planned for CFWH members in 2013.

Leaderboard Tracking

This year will see CFWH roll out an online Leaderboard. You will have access to enter via computer or smart phone application, view and track your progress in for CF Benchmarks, max effort lifts, max repetitions in gymnastics movements, and rowing and running benchmarks as well. There are still journals available for those of you that still like to write things down.

Tracking your strength numbers is important and we are here to help. We’re going to start the year off right by capturing CrossFit Total Numbers for CFWH athletes. So be sure to get in the box Wednesday through Saturday to capture your CF Total, as well as a max for Bench Press.  Once you complete your CFT, there will be alternate WODs running concurrently so that you can still get in a great WOD!

Strength is a Skill

The CFT numbers will be very crucial in the coming month as we will be using percentages based on the 3 CFT lifts as well as the BP. So, the strength/skill portion of classes will be much like the previous Wendler Strength Class. The participants in that class saw positive changes in their maxes, max push up reps, pull up reps, Clean 1RM, vertical jump and 500 m Row.

Your improvements will be reflected in the leaderboard over time. There will be a retest in June of the CF Total and Bench Press to see how much your strength has increased!

Quarterly Benchmark PR Challenges

Nothing shows increases in your fitness and work capacity like the CF Benchmarks. During 2013, we will run 2 six-week CF Benchmark Challenges every quarter. So, every quarter you will perform two CF Benchmarks that can be scaled as necessary.  Six weeks later you will perform the workouts again. This will also be tracked via the Leaderboard so you can see the changes in your athletic performance over time.

Sharpening the Sword

In the words of modern KB master Pavel Tsatsouline, you must “sharpen the sword” to achieve the best results. We believe this to be true whether it be CrossFit performance, looking better naked, or being  pain free. This means constant improvement of technique and movement quality. There will be lots of “sword sharpening” at CFWH in 2013!

CrossFit West Houston coaches are available for private skill sessions and you can use this to sharpen your sword! Check your membership level, as many of you will be eligible for a free session as part of your membership.  Also, look for more instructional videos on the website as well as several skill clinics scheduled to help educate you on better set up, proper positioning and better technique.

The CrossFit West Houston coaches will be sharpening their sword as well! Education is a core value here for our coaches. Look for new certifications as well as new techniques to bring the best coaching cues and tactics to improve your mobility, technique and results!

CrossFit West Houston Staff and Coaches are looking forward to making 2013 the best year ever!  Here is to a great 2013!

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