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Combating the Chips and Soda Cravings this Summer

By ShelleyB | In Nutrition | on June 19, 2012

At pool parties, barbecues or with your kids at the park, it can get pretty tempting to stray into that bag of chips or reach for that chilled diet coke. You wish eating healthy was that convenient? Well, it can be!

Here are some ideas for snacks and drinks that require minimal preparation but give you that same refreshing feeling. Your secret ingredients are: salt, limes / lemons and club soda.

1) Salty Crunchy Veggies:
In addition to the standard veggie tray with celery, carrots and broccoli, try experimenting with different vegetables. Simply sprinkle some salt and you’ll be surprised how different they can taste! Feel free to try different types of salts as well including rock salt, pink salt, etc.
Some favorites are:

* Peeled and sliced cucumber
* Sliced red radishes
* Sliced white radishes / Daikon

2) Sweet – Savory Fruit:
Adding some salt or a spicy seasoning mix like Tajin (found in the produce section at HEB or Walmart) is a great way to have fruits like cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple or guavas (available at Ranch 99).

3) Fresh Lime Soda:
If you like things tart, squeeze one medium lime, add some salt to taste (about ½ tsp) and mix it with club soda and lots of ice. It’ll give you that same “fizziness” of a soda! The lime or lemon concentrates work well too.

4) Virgin cocktails/Iced teas:
Feel free to try different flavors and herbs to make a chilled, refreshing drink. Some examples are:
* Limes/lemons + mint + ice + water/club soda
* Limes/lemons + strawberries + basil + ice + water/club soda
* Flavored tea (cooled and unsweetened) + crushed blackberries + lemon + ice

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