Wednesday 5/5/10 CrossFit West Houston

Cinco de Hopper Deck

Pick a Card Any Card!!!

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Tuesday 5/4/10 CrossFit West Houston


Push Press



AMRAP in 12 minutes

15 KB Swings

1o KB Front Squats

5 Broad Jump Burpees

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BCS Games in College Station

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Kristen M. from CFWH competed at the BCS Games in College Station this weekend. She finished 15th out 37 girls. In the second WOD, she tied for 1st in the Max Deadlift setting a PR of 305 lbs. Nice work Kristen!!
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Monday 5/3/10 CrossFit West Houston




Met Con


Pull Ups

Push Ups


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Saturday 5/1/10 CrossFit West Houston

Team WOD

AMRAP in 12 minutes

4 Person Teams

1 person runs 200 m

1 person on SDHP

1 person on Box Jumps

1 person on Push Press

Rotate from Run to SDHP to Box Jumps to Push Press. Record total Reps!


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Friday 4/30/10 CrossFit West Houston


Front Squats


Met Con

Run 400m

9 Thrusters M95 W 65

21 Push Ups

Run 200 M

15 Thrusters

15 Push Ups

Run 200 m

21 Thrusters

9 Push Ups

Run 400 M


Two Additions:

Good luck to Kristen M who will be representing CFWH at the BCS Games in College Station tomorrow!

Congrats to Joel W after weeks of perserverence finally got his first muscle up yesterday! No picture yet!

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With Cindy and Karen in the rear view mirror, the next challenge in the box will be Helen. This will be a bit different!

This challenge is open to anybody. Saturday May 8th from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM will be the initial workout to gauge the Helen Baseline. This challenge will be different in that it will set the Box Record and will initiate the Benchmark Leader Board. The BLB will track the box records for many of the CF Benchmarks at the RX weights.


3 Rounds

400 m Run

21 KB Swings

12 Pull Ups

There will be a $25 entry fee, with the entry fee you will get a “I <3 Helen” T shirt.

The top RX Male and top RX Female will get prizes and the honor of putting their name on the board. Coaches and Elite CFWH Athletes can participate.

All RX entrants will do both the intial and final wods with a judge there to keep count and enforce the standards of the movements. Only RX entrants can get their name on the BLB. Also we will have people posted at the corners to make sure no corners are cut.

RX Standards

KB Weight= M53; W 35

KB Standards

  • At top of the movement the kettlebell is bottoms up.
  • Arms are fully extended and locked out.
  • A majority of the ears should be covered with a little bit of ear in front of the arms.
  • Dropping the KB from above the knees will result in a 5 Burpee penalty

Pull Up Standards

  • Each pull up should end with the entire chin over the bar.
  • Arms must reach full extension at the bottom of the pull up.

Failure to meet these standards will result in a “No Rep”.  No arguing with the judge as it will only affect your time. The judges ruling is final.

There will be two other classes as well. These classes will not have a single judge but there will be a roaming coach upholding standards.


M 40lb DB; W: 25lb DB

Kipping Pull Ups or Thin Blue Band


Any weight KB

Any Band

There will be a Registration Sheet at the gym to sign up beginning today!

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Thursday 4/29/10 CrossFit West Houston


Ring Dips


Met Con

50 Sit Ups

1 Mile Run

50 Sit Ups

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Aja B on SicFit

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Our own Regional Quailifier Aja Barto featured on the Road to the Games on SicFit!
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Wednesday 4/28/10 CrossFit West Houston




Met Con


Double Unders

Wall Shots

Box Jumps

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