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“12 Days of Christmas”

Please bring a cash donation with you to help raise money for the family of Luis Garrido, a sophomore football player at Memorial High School who was tragically lost to a drunk driving accident along with his father on November 3rd. Read more here and be sure to watch the video from MHS Coaches James Johnson and Jake Ruse reminding us to stay safe during the holidays. Please come out and help a family in need  while taking on a fun and challenging WOD!

1 Overhead Squat (115/75 lbs)

2 Snatch (115/75 lbs)

3 Clean and Jerk (115/75 lbs)

4 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

5 American KB Swings

6 Single Arm KB Thrusters (3R/3L)

7 Lateral over-the-bar Burpees

8 Deadlifts (115/75 lbs)

9 Hand-Release Push-Ups

10 x 10m Shuttle Sprints

11 Toes to Bar

12 Front Squats (115/75 lbs)

* Follow the movements to the tune of the song 12 Days of Christmas. It’ll go like this..


2 Snatches + 1 OHS

3 C&J + 2 Snatches + 1 OHS

4 C2B Pull-Ups + 3 C&J + 2 Snatches + 1 OHS

…and so on

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Good luck to Sarah Wilson, Alysa Frost, and George Conces at tomorrow’s Get Fit or Die Mayan competition! Alysa’s WODs start at 8:15, 9:55, and 11:10. Sarah goes at 8:30, 10:05, and 11:20. George goes at 8:45, 10:15, and 11:40.

Team CFWH consisting of Skye Kessler, Mel Velez, Paul Smith and Ryan Hopkins will WOD at 2PM, 5:15, 6:15, and 7:15.

Come on out and cheer them on at the Skyline Houston Athletic Center. There is a $10 spectator fee.

WOD: Teams of 3

20 min AMRAP:

P1: 20 Calorie Row

P2: AMRAP Push Jerks

P3: Rest

*P2 completes as many push jerks as possible while P1 rows 20 calories. Row goes to push jerks, push jerks goes to rest. Team score = total # of push jerks completed.

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WOD: 15 min AMRAP

20 cal Row


200m Farmer’s Carry

20 Knees to Elbows

20 Walking Lunges with Plate Overhead (45/25)

200m Farmer’s Carry

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Practical Paleo Book


A few months back, Diane Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites came to our box to give a seminar on nutrition. She was kind enough to follow up by sending us an advance copy of her new book, Practical Paleo which is now available. The book is filled with great information. Its language, graphics and organization make it easy to find and understand things that will make a difference, particularly for those with a specific health or nutrition issue they want to address. This cookbook considers what food can do to us and why, ease of implementation, budget and even recipe modifications and adjustments that might be needed .
I’ve only had an opportunity to try just a few recipes (Candied Carrots, Summer Squash Caprese Noodle Salad, Blueberry Crumble) and all were super delicious and super EASY! That makes them doubly delicious. Each of them will definitely be making repeat appearances at my house. The recipes I will be trying out this week include Citrus & Herb Whole Roasted Chicken, Quick & Easy Salmon Cakes and Simple Shrimp Ceviche. I could go on with the list of stuff I want to try from this book because they all seem easy, look and sound yummy and are easy to incorporate into my kitchen. And if they’re all as tasty and easy as the ones I’ve already tried, I’ll be using this book A LOT!
This book is a great resource for the Whole Life Challenge. Quick easy recipes that anybody can apply to their everyday menu.

Get your copy below:

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8/11/12 CF Kids


Warm Up


Burpee Broad Jumps

Bear Crawl

Crab Walk


Death by 20 m

minute 1 …1 sprint

minute 1….2 sprints etc

max 8 minutes




AMRAP in 5 min

1 Push Up

2 Sit Ups

3 squats

2 Push Ups

4 Sit Ups

6 Squats

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Sunday 10/2/11



Elevated Lunges

5-5-5-5-5 with Shoulder Mobility LAX

Met Con

4 Rounds

12 Deadlift

Run Big A$$ lap


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Saturday 10/1/11


In 7 Minutes

75 Double Unders


Rest 3 minutes

In 7 minutes

250 Single Unders

AMRAP Front Squats

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Friday 9/30/11


***Attention: Due to a Power Outage the 5 AM and 6 AM classes are cancelled for Friday 9/30/11



Clean and Jerk


Clean and Jerk


EMOM in 12 minutes

3 reps of your Goat (Burpees, OH Squat, Kipping Pull Ups, Snatch, etc)

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Thursday 9/29/11




OH Squats sets of 3

Floor Press of 5

Band Stretch

Met Con

Choose your KB Weight

30 reps

50 reps

75 reps

Unbroken KB Swings

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Wednesday 9/28/11


10 Ring Dips
20 Russian Swings
300m Run
40 Sit Ups
50 Back Squats
40 Sit Ups
300m Run
20 Russian Swings
10 Ring Dips

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