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Push Jerks 3 sets of 10 40% 1 RM

Pistol Holds :30 R/L

Scorpions 5 R/L


500m Row

30 Box Jumps 24/20

10 Ground to OH

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Cleans 3 sets of 10 40% of 1RM

Tall Box Jumps 3 sets of 5

Hamstring Stretch :30


3 Rounds

300 m Sprint

15 Heavy Ball Slams

Rest 1 min

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Ring Dips

10 Deadlifts
100 m Bear Hug Sandbag Carry
8 DL
75 m Bear Hug Sandbag Carry
6 DL
50m Bear Hug Sandbag Carry
4 DL
25 m Bear Hug Sandbag Carry
2 DL

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AMRAP in 15 minutes
50 Thrusters 45lb bar
40 Sit Ups
30 Pull Ups
20 Push Ups
10 Clean and Jerk

25 burpee penalty for dropping bare bar

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Weighted Pull Ups sets of 2
Pistol Holds :30 R/L

Power Snatch 15
5 Rounds
7 Push Press
7 Bar Facing Burpees
Power Snatch 15

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Front Squats

Every Minute on the Minute

1 Clean + 2 Front Squats until you tap out

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Row 1000

Run 800

DU 80

Run 400

DU 40

Run 200

DU 20

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Life After Whole 30: How to Stay on Track

Stay on Track copy

It has been a few weeks since the Whole 30: Go Against the Grain Challenge ended…is it — Ahhhh, “the feeling of accomplishment” or more like, “YES, I am finally done with it and can go back to my normal life?” My guess, it is complicated. One of our winners, Mandy, stated in her essay “‘It’s over!’ That was the first thought that came to my mind when I woke up on day 31. However, my second thought, that came very quickly, was “Wait a minute…I’m not going back!”

Reading the testimonials from all those who officially participated, most used this as a spring board for changing their eating habits. The goal was not only to do that, but to also gain insight as to what food does to our bodies. Hopefully, the take away is that as you re-introduce non-Whole 30 foods, you begin to see more clearly how certain foods effect your body.

Many of the participants said that they want to stay feeling this way. So, one of the questions in this series is HOW DO WE STAY ON TRACK? Although it may be our goal to stick with it, life hits and when we aren’t trying to complete a goal ,creep often comes in before we realize it. One participant says she realizes that “I can’t eat that strictly forever, but I can take responsibility for my diet and how it affects my body.”

Keys to staying on track:

1. Make a goal or two. Remember back to how you felt and what really struck you as you did the challenge. Was it the energy level that you liked? Performance and recovery was better? Make a goal around the one or two things that are important to you and work to incorporate that into your daily life. Working items in smaller increments is the key to getting it to be part of your lifestyle.

2. Learn from the re-introduction of foods. Pay attention to what happens and what you body does. But, here is a novel idea…if you didn’t love the food before, or if your taste buds have changed and it doesn’t taste the same…cut it out of your diet! Don’t go back to it. A good example of this is what Tara found out: “For grains I ate spaghetti…my former love. I did miss the taste but after I felt extremely bloated and I’m pretty sure it lasted for a good 24 hours…and I only ate one serving. I noticed that being full on the Whole 30 feels completely different than being full from something like grains. Whole 30 full encompasses your whole abdomen and you just feel solid but not blah. When I was full after my pasta, I only felt it in my lower abdomen and all I wanted to do was suck it in and make the feeling go away. “

3. Grab a buddy or make it a family affair. You are more likely to stick with something when you are doing it together. Accountability can be very helpful. Many participants stated that they were going to try to get their kids or their family to eat this way. But, also, don’t forget that you have plenty of support and help right at your very own CrossFit Box. Rob, Sandra, Tricia, and the coaches at CFWH are all there to help you with questions and encouragement. Also, ask your fellow CrossFitters.

4. Keep inspired. Continue to read up on nutrition… visit CFWH blogs… keep up with Whole30 blogs…try new recipes. There are all kinds of resources out there at your fingertips. Researching and trying new things gives new life to our routines. Never let it get boring…if it gets boring you are more likely to revert back to old habits. I love what one participant realized: “The bottom line, by stepping back and detoxing my body, my mind was cleared to realize the allure of bad food is more about the perceived enjoyment than the actual enjoyment. “

CFWH, we would love to hear other tips on how you all stay on track. And what you are doing to maintain what you have learned from the Whole 30.

~ Tricia & Shelley

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Cleans sets of 2

Ring Push Ups sets of 5

Shoulder Circles R/L


3 Rounds

1 min AMRAP Wall Ball Shots

1 min AMRAP T2B

Rest 1 min

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Push Jerks Sets of 2

Single Leg DL sets of 5 R/L

Hip Flexor Stretch :30 R/L


1 Arm OH KB Carry 100m R/ 100m L

50 Goblet Squats

1 Arm OH KB Carry 50 m R/50 m L

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